The Magical Touch of Nature..


One beautiful evening… Just resting in my backyard.. And I had a glimpse of..
A Glorious vision of the Shining Silvery the back drop of the Serene blue skies..
Musical sound of chirping birds around me and the Mystical touch of the Gentle breeze..
Benevolent shade of the tree under which I sat..
And the tender touch of the Velvety green grass beneath my feet..
All My thoughts came to a halt.. as am lost in the Raptures of the Nature..
Isn’t this Heaven?? for I know nothing more Magnificent…

This backyard, the tree, the grass and the sky.. were always here.. But where was I??
When my mind always rules me, where do I have time for this moment and this nature?

How did I forget that I came from this nature.. and one day will dissolve back into it..

Didn’t I have a bit of courtesy to say a little hello to the shining Sun each morning when I saw him..
Didn’t I know that it gave me boundless light and energy tirelessly?
Sustaining all forms of life.. from ages Early..
He can brighten up my mind and heart on a rainy day..
And can as well scare me into shade with his scorching heat on a sunny day..
He has many shades and can play many games..
My Dear Shining Star.. Did I see anything as Splendid as you?
Yet.. Why didn’t I gratefully bow to you?

When I let my mind rule me.. where do I have time for this moment and for this nature?

Why did I become so timid to walk bare footed on my mother Earth.. even for a little while??
Bearing the burden of all.. benevolently.. how has she become so untouchable to me?
How oblivious have I become to the fact that she can take out all the pain from me??
If I am never even willing to touch her.. how can she??

Didn’t I have a minute to look at you.. the Heavenly Sky ?
And marvel at the Magical art of God..
So radiant in the morning.. So charming in the evening..
So dark with the glittering stars and the glorious Moon..
So festive with silver clouds..
So Blue on a clear day and So Unique Each day…
Did I ever feel blissfully glance at you.. the Celestial Sky?

When my mind rules me.. Where do I have time for this moment and this nature?

The beautiful green trees around me.. gifting me my life force…
each leaf and each flower.. myriad colors and myriad shapes…
Didn’t I have a minute to pause and marvel at the beautiful art of God?

The bees, bugs and the birds living so effortlessly..
Merging with the nature.. And flowing with the nature..
Why am I the only one going against the nature?

Just a little time with it each day..
to know that I am here for a short stay..
And no matter what may come my way..
I am here to make it my day…

But When I let my mind rule me.. Where do I have time for this moment and this nature?

For ages we were one with Nature..
Roaming in the woods.. And Swimming in the Waters..
Blissfully watching the Sunrise and the Sunset..
Staring at the Flocks of birds flying in the Skies..
Marveling at every bit of nature.. the Lakes, the Hills and the Valleys..
Where are they now?? Why are we destroying them and sabotaging our own lives?
Why are we distancing ourselves from nature and living in our own worlds??

Why are our minds ruling us and taking us away from this moment and this nature?

Bow to you My Mother Nature..
How can I be in you and yet be so far away from you?
What are these pulls that are taking me away from you?
What am I gaining from them that are keeping me away from you?
Help me break my shackles to be with you..
Hold me dearly so am always aware of you and be attentive to you..
For you can bless me with so much each moment I am with you..

(We all know the joy of being in nature and that nature can heal..
Earthing is a very interesting, intuitive and informative topic to read about.
A lot of scientific studies reinforce Nature’s impact in reducing inflammation and disease in the body. Let us all explore ways to protect and connect with Nature.)